Fiscal "Therapy" for therapists

i help mental health professionals with the "business" of running a practice

When you were thinking about having your own practice, you probably never imagined all of the "stuff" that goes with being a business owner. (
The semester of how to run a business was never in your schedule.... so now what?

Great News! We're here to help!

  • Let's ditch the overwhelm at tax time.
  • Get clarity on the "how to" of compliance of running your business.
  • Get comfortable with how to properly pay yourself and plan for taxes.

  • Ready to toss it all?

    Let's take the "taxing" part out of tax time

    The tax codes are constantly changing... plus what applies to someone else may not apply to you... How do you sort it all out? Let's say goodbye to anxiety and confusion at tax time.

    With over three decades in tax and accounting, Melissa & The Team at Fortitude Tax & Accounting can help you and guide you through the process!


    You'll love having options

    choose only what you need!


    tax preparation &
    Proactive Tax Planning

    You have the option to choose “A La Carte” Tax Only services with us!  

    No Monthly Fees!

    Tax Preparation Services 


    Proactive Tax Planning Services– this is the real magic in what we do!

    All Flat Fee Pricing for Services!

    Bookkeeping support OR
    Full service

    We offer a variety of bookkeeping levels.  Need help getting set up, but plan to do it yourself?  We can help!

    Want periodic oversight & help? We’ve got you!

    Just not your thing and you want to be hands off?  We’re also here to help with that.

    Tax Time Readiness workshop

    Free Hands on Tax Time Readiness workshop.

    This one of a kind workshop will ONLY happen free ONCE March 2024.

    Join us!


    nice to meet you!

    Hi! I'm melissa,
    your cpa & business guide

    I have over 30 years of experience helping business owners with accounting, taxes & compliance.

    My credentials include:
    - Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    - Enrolled Agent for the IRS (EA)
    - Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
    - CA Real Estate Broker

    Growing up in a Small Family Business in addition to running my own Family Owned & Operated Business, I understand your needs.
    My approach is straight forward, tactical, practical with no over your head jargon!

    Want to know more?

    We'll walk you through

    Step One


    Our Step by Step process through our secure portal system will guide you on all things getting started!

    Step two


    With our robust “smart” organizers and communications, we will guide you through tax preparation in a process designed to minimize overwhelm

    Step three

    Done & Plan!

    We’ll get last year closed out quickly and efficiently and help you with proactive planning designed to educate, plan for cash flow & optimize.

    from our fan club

    our free guide to get you started!

    business deductions
    done right


    Want to make certain you’re claiming ALL THE DEDUCTIONS?

    A comprehensive resource for what you can and cannot deduct on your business taxes.

    Get confidence that you are tracking all the right things to maximize savings at tax time!

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